The first real 3D printing prepress.
Manufacturer 3DMaker make a stitch Vietnam, aBS printing upgrade Not available Ceramic printing upgrade Not available Chocolate printing upgrade Not available Dual nozzles upgrade Not available Extend one-year warranty Available (.800.000 VND).Or any other 3D or 3D project you can imagine!CUR3D supports every 3d printing process and how to make papyrus 3d printer.Thus a high level of productivity, quality gain, cost and time savings is achieved.Include the Gamestudio engine into your la place vouchers software using the VC or Delphi interface.Optimal printing speed 60mm/s, framework, alumium, cover, metal, supported file types, sTL, OBJ 3D File configuration software.Frequency Morpher, Advanced Tune, Equalizer, update manager.I put together a little collection of tools to get you started that are easy/fun to use included in this pack: AV Voice Changer Software Diamond Edition: Chat in male, female, baby voice in voice chat rooms; keep your privacy and spy voice conference.Can I open project files from the professional version in CUR3D Maker Edition?
You determine a file to be made printable, set the appropriate dimensions and a desired resolution, CUR3D does the rest, and you can take care of other things.
It combines the C-Script programming language with a high end 3D engine, a 2D engine, a physics engine, level, terrain and model editors, and huge libraries of 3D objects, artwork and ready-assembled games.
Most CAD data are not printable out of the box.
CUR3D operates completely automatic, fast and absolutely secure.Cura, Slic3r, kisslicer 3D graphic software, sketchup, Autocad 3D, 3D Studio Max, SolidWorks, Maya, Rhinoceros, Free filament 01 PLA 1 kg, free USB 4GB.Ever think that you could do it betterheres your chance.Body warranty 12 months, mainboard warranty 12 months, nozzle warranty 06 months, exchange for new one.Now its printable, because its CUR3D!Yes, lCD screen, yes, touchscreen, no, highest printing speed 150mm/s.And the best: CUR3D runs perfectly local on your computer system.Compatible filament, pLA, Nylon, Flexible, layer thickness 80 micron (0.08 mm uSB connectivity.Compatible with Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AOL, Kazaa, Morpheus, ICQ, Trillian, iMesh.Import and export in STL format.The filling of cavities and holes takes much time, too.Program commercial games in C-Script using the built-in compiler and debugger.