I stopped in my track, not because I was arrested by her presence, but rather by the schedule maker excel fact that I didn't know how to greet her.
I looked inside and saw this beautiful angelic face.
Lucky for me, I was able to move just in time.He closes his eyes in desperation.But until that day happens, Ill go with the grain.I know I'm not perfect but I always try my best, Put a smile on my face and ignore the barb wire fence.It must be ecstatic to one day open my eyes and see all the people celebrating the power of love and not the might of their cannons It must be great to one day wake up and realize that was not just a dream.Bangin aint all it seems or looks.
To face this dilemma is not a matter at hand.
Different ideals form new actions.
You told me not to drink, Mom, so I drank soda instead.When I think back to my early years, I was around 12 or 13 years old when I was exposed to The Game (The Hood).Things were gray and cloudy from all the Marijuana I was smoking just trying to laugh away my emptiness.There is nothing about the hood life I dont know.Then what is going avis korting anwb to keep us from becoming hate-filled monsters?Once money becomes involved, its almost impossible to tell the young person anything.This feature is not available right now.Some wounds can be healed And some just cant.

I was convicted of Aggravated Manslaughter in connection with a botched robbery.
At that time we had this dog of female Doberman Pincher we had named Daisy.
A broken home, a shattered heart, No lights ever revealed, The cries of a burning baby, With the flames needing to be shield.