The value rises and falls randomly.
You must have the bitcoin before the fork date/time.
Use escrow services when buying/selling to other people (if not using bitcoin exchange).
According to the earlier reports, the Chinese company was targeting to raise about 1 billion, is discussing the possibility of selling shares in New York as soon as the first half, according to the people.There are two main ways (simplified version).Jom join random bitcoin cloud mining company, boleh kaya same same huhu No thanks.Lets see: Keep as investment (most popular among Malaysians it seems).A full range of features and functionalities enables the Automatic Banking Machine to meet the needs of your customers.This can also take days.Yup, politeness does nothing when it comes to money.
Lastly Obligatory disclaimer: The above is my affiche maken online opinion, and shouldnot be taken as financial advice.
If the value goes up, yes.
Your time is more valuable than that Bitcoin faucets are easy to find.
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How can I claim from bitcoin forks?Leave this field empty if you're human: Related.If you profit, good for you.By reading this, you agree that you wont hold me liable for any losses you may make.In Malaysia, its not considered as money at all (BNM dont consider it legal tender).For example, I have the Ledger Nano.