If you don't already have an AddOnTFX folder, right click then New Folder.
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Then go to tools video transitions and take the chroma key and drop recept cake maken it between the two videos.12, click File Save Movie File to save your movie.Click here for an illustrated article on chroma-key in FCP.Click here for a video tutorial on chroma-key in Final Cut Pro.Paint it black, silver and finally gold.3, click File Save As, and navigate to C: Program FilesMovie MakerSharedAddOnTFX.For keys with translucent gauzes, see-through objects like water in a glass, or cast shadows, the use of a third-party keyer is advised.You can korting assem also drag the transition to (almost) the full length of the clip, making sure that both foreground and background are the same size.For the first part, make chroma key blood: Ingredients: glue, flour, mix with water like papier mache, three drops of green and two drops of yellow food color.Also, keep in mind that your subject must be shot in front of a dark blue or green background.
Method 1 Using XML Code 1, highlight the following XML code: (t/forums)!- t/forums - TransitionsAndEffects Version"1.0" Transitions TransitionDLL guid"C5B19592-145E-11D3-9F E37" Transition name"Greenscreen" iconid"12" comment"Makes first clip show through blue areas of second clip" Param name"KeyType" value"1 Param name"Similarity" value"100 Param name"Progress" value"0.0 /Transition /TransitionDLL /Transitions.
Drag it down to the time line to the left of the video with your subject in front of the blue screen.
Open windows movie maker and take any video which has the background of same color.In the Filters tab slide the Noise Reduction slider.6, click Import on the left sidebar.Glue a piece of cardboard for the handle.Createy, fCP 7 now includes the Primatte RT filter which is a powerful keyer for most common keying applications.Some users ought to find it extremely helpful and easy to use, whilst others might find the features a little bit restricted and wish they could do more with their video clips.There are several websites that have created applications that streamline this process.Ruan Lotter facebook: m/tunnelviziontv twitter: m/ruanlotter.To pick the right color for the background, download Debug mode wax.In the Filters tab adjust, spill Suppression until the color of the foreground clip looks normal.Apply, effects Video Filters Key Primatte RT and double-click the clip to load it into the Viewer, click the.