pass_regular_expression "-25 is 0 #.
At this point you should be able to build the tutorial, then type make install (or build the install target from an IDE) and it will install the appropriate header files, libraries, and executables.
Options : None, Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo, MinSizeRel, Profile.
# should we use our own math functions?H ) First the executable for MakeTable is added as any other executable would be added.S_FTL_ERR will call abort otherwise Speect will try to gracefully exit with an error log.Make sure to set the path variable during installation download and install mingw-w64.Exe was found in your path, here: C Program Files/Git/user/bin/sh.Options : ON or OFF Default : OFF want_tests Include tests in build process.
In the MathFunctions subdirectory a new source file named x will do just that.
Next we modify x to include the configured header file and to make use of the version numbers.
H" #endif int main (int argc, char *argv) if (argc 2) fprintf(stdout s Version.dn argv0, Tutorial_version_major, Tutorial_version_minor fprintf(stdout Usage: s numbern argv0 return 1; double inputValue atof(argv1 #ifdef USE_mymath double outputValue mysqrt(inputValue #else double outputValue sqrt(inputValue #endif fprintf(stdout The square root of.
H ) # add the binary tree directory to the search path # for include files include_directories( cmake _current_binary_DIR ) # add the main library add_library(MathFunctions x cmake _current_binary_DIR/Table.
Options : ON or OFF Default : OFF want_examples Include examples in build process.In this example we will be building installation packages that support binary installations and package management features as found in cygwin, debian, RPMs etc.Set (Tutorial_version_major 1) set (Tutorial_version_minor 0) # does this system provide the log and exp functions?# build a CPack driven installer package include set (cpack_resource_file_license " cmake set (cpack_package_version_major "Tutorial_version_major set (cpack_package_version_minor "Tutorial_version_minor include (CPack) That makro kortingsvoucher is all there is.Add_test (TutorialUsage Tutorial) set_tests_properties (TutorialUsage properties pass_regular_expression "Usage:.*number" ) #define a macro to simplify adding tests macro (do_test arg result) add_test (TutorialComparg Tutorial arg) set_tests_properties (TutorialComparg properties pass_regular_expression result ) endmacro (do_test) # do a bunch of result based tests do_test (4 "4.Adding a Generated File and Generator (Step 5) In this section we will show how you can add a generated source file into the build process of an application.Cmake macro in the top level CMakeLists.H command MakeTable cmake _current_binary_DIR/Table.Each step has its own subdirectory containing a complete copy of the tutorial for that step.Specifically we need to add a few lines to the bottom of our toplevel CMakeLists.The next step is to add the appropriate commands to MathFunctions CMakeLists.We want to provide both binary and source distributions on a variety of platforms.This is provided from CMake to the source code through the configured file by adding the following line to it: #cmakedefine USE_mymath Installing and Testing (Step 3) For the next step we will add install rules and testing support to our project.