edit audio in movie maker

11 Close the Windows how to make bonsai Essentials installation.
Double-click the music bar, then change any of the following in the toolbar: Volume - Click Music volume', then click and drag the slider left or right.Enter a name for the image file and choose a save location, then click on Save.If clicking, accept doesn't open Movie Maker, re-open, start, type movie maker back in, and click the.Be patientexporting can take a long time, especially for a detailed project.Speed - Click the "Speed" drop-down box, then select a video speed.This will allow you to insert another file in between the two sections of the video (e.g., commentary or a picture).
Caution: While installation files that were downloaded directly from Microsoft are safe, there are now many reports of non-Microsoft scam websites offering malware versions of Movie Maker for download.
2, open the setup file.
You should also figure out where you want the music to start.Question How can I delete a picture from the movie I am making?In order for your movie to come out properly, you'll want to edit each file's run time (and other options, if available) to fine-tune the overall presentation of the movie.You'll have to make it again.7 Enter the caption text.6 Edit the music's properties.3 Select a save type.It's at the top of the page.Select all the pictures (Ctrl A then set the duration and the transition once.It's the large, blank window on the right side of the Windows Movie Maker window.You can also edit the title slide's length in the "Adjust" section of the toolbar by clicking the text box to the right of the clock with a green arrow in it and then selecting a new time.You can also right-click the "Project" window and then click Add videos and photos in the drop-down menu.

Click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen.