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Plastics That Can Be Recycled: So far we have tested some of the following plastics, once the prototype is finished we will be testing all the following plastics along with the long list we have from users.
Our unique system is purposely designed so that it can what makes hair go grey be easily reproduced.
But is is recyclable.Some other people did already work on it: Filament making open source.After extrusion the filament passes through a sizing roller so that it will be the correct diameter for printing.Finally the filament is rolled onto the spool for future parts.It is used in larger plastic products like chairs and ihomes.What will the money be used for?Parts need to be prototyped and tested.Share our final result.The molten plastic will be extruded out of interchangeable nozzles.If there is a will, and a kickstarter, there is a way!
The funding from this kickstarter will be used to further develop and produce these extruders.
The Filabot will grind, melt and extrude the plastic filament.
From there the feed screw will push the pieces into the barrel to be melted at the correct temp.
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There are a few websites/ users that have started to develop this system, but none have brought it to the scale where it is simple and easy to use.DIY 5 Kg Profi Filament Extruder Line Update.Download: free Website: Thingiverse add to list print now Tags Maker Box Maker Coin Text maker box, makercoin, Breaking News: kodak Announces Availability of Its Portrait 3D Printer in North America and Europe next » search suggestions: makerbot monoprice maker select v2 coil maker monoprice.Filabot is a 3D plastic extrusion system.Hi there, I make really good 3D Filament because I hate over paying for excellent 3D Printing materials. .Watch our promo video for the full project: nbsp;.