875(d) makes it a federal crime to send an interstate photoshop tanden witter maken communication with the extent to extort a thing of value from someone by threatening to injure his property or reputation.
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TOS Privacyml Policyml Ad Choiceml.The sdny should nullify AMI and Pecker's non-prosecution agreement and prosecute them for extortion and their campaign finance-related crimes.Danny Westneat the Seattle Times : How Amazon gets whatever it wants.Bromwich / @mrbromwich : Good for Bezos.Bezos shows it as a blog platform of choice to reveal and respond.
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It appears to have taken its federal cooperation deal as license to return to its old ways with Jeff Bezos.
Alex Stamos / @alexstamos : Good on @JeffBezos.
This is straight up sextortion, which too often leads to suicide attempts and other serious harms when targeted at less powerful people.
Peter Kafka / @pkafka : OH in newsroom: Sorry I have to write about Jeff Bezos' penis right now (Actually I said that.) Yashar Ali / @yashar :.If you haven't run into this phenomenon, this is a good intro: orn.Start, movable, Scalable and Rotatable Photo Elements, Many Popular Shape Collage, Crop and Resize Photo Options before placing on the Canvas, Changeable Backgrounds of Your Choice.Nor did they know that Bezos would be publishing the threatening emails that AMI sent them.Trump's compatriots are so amoral that I imagine even Bezos' biggest critics are on his side on this one.Now it's time for law enforcement to finish the job.

Ronan Farrow / @ronanfarrow : I and at least one other prominent journalist involved in breaking stories about the National Enquirer's arrangement with Trump fielded similar stop digging or we'll ruin you blackmail efforts from AMI.
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