grow box maken

Bruxing contest Sit / lie eye level with your rat and start bruxing at him/her until your rat bruxes back at you. .
You can angle it so that it runs from the shelf to the floor, even include a maak een fotoboek few twists and turns.
Pop balloon and remove.
Consider adopting new ratlets in pairs (or more!).They enjoy digging in the soil, they also love to forage for seeds that haven't sprouted, nibble on the grass and dig up roots to eat. .Just don't expect them to pass it on to their cagemate when the music starts.Tape them together into a maze.The best of these I've found is this recumbent one (shown left).Sock it to me!The Fort - a fun cheap toy that will entertain your rats' burrowing instincts.
Punch a few "air circulation" how to make a fursuit holes in each bag you are going to use.
Simply cut an entrance hole in the side and it's ready. .
The Newspaper Fold up some old newspapers into tent like structures, roll some into tunnels, and hide some treats between the layers of paper. .
4 Place the box in a cool, slightly humid room away from light.
You'll have a nice crop of "grass" in less than a week. .
You can buy flavoured wood blocks from pet stores, or soak some clean prijzen winnen met slagzinnen wood blocks in juice for flavour. .
If s/he goes up near your head, go forwards; down to your butt, go backwards; to the left side, turn left; etc. .Pass the parcel Wrap up a yogurt drop in a small piece of newspaper or paper towel. .Question Do I store them stem side up, or stem side down?Back to index Decorations Something fun to hang up in their cage for christmas, new years, birthdays, etc.Staircases: parrot ladders, thick ropes, fabric slippery dips, balsa wood ramps. .

A length of old carpet would also work well.
A hard to get into one is great to give them just as you leave for work in the morning or go to bed at night.
Climbing frames Ratlets love to climb and if they don't have a wire cage, then you can provide them with their own climbing frame. .