Approx.5" by 3".6".
Masonic HM Stewards Jewel 1934 in Case HM marked silver gilt and enamelled Masonic Institute for girls medal.
Pin hole at top of packet.
Both maker marked Firmin.Surface corrosion and a few knocks.British Army Royal Scots Fusiliers White Belt a vintage RSF white leather belt with large brass buckle bearing the 1902 to 1952 pattern Kings crown emblem of this famous former Scottish Regiment.Each approx.25" by 5".Ink stain on one on reverse.Obama failed to achieve 3 percent growth per annum over his eight years.Probably a fake or rather post period enhanced item but very well quiz cadeau done.Edinborough a three medal group named to a corporal of this former county regiment.Some cut slots to adjust the base feet.1957 Iron Cross Class 1 in Box iron core 57 pattern IC1 in wartime style box.British and Commonwealth WW1 Medal Ribbon Bar uniform ribbon bar approx.9".4" showing entitlement to the 1914 or 14 to 15 Campaign Star, the BWM 1914 to 1918 War Medal and the British and Commonwealth pattern Allied Victory Medal.
Would have had a fire gilt finish.
A machine embroidered band title and bimetallic brass cap badge bearing the traditional King George V cypher pattern.
British Army Queens South Africa Medal Essex Regiment missing its top suspension bar with no campaign bars.
Well used with some bending to the lugs.
Vintage US Pattern Leather Flying Jacket by Excelled Size 46R A somewhat salty vintage leather flying jacket.British Army Royal Anglian Regiment Association Veterans Lapel Pin a nicely made sweetheart style veterans lapel pin.In well used and somewhat dilapidated condition.British King George VI Coronation gift for 2 hotels Medal Beeston Stapleford a Nottinghamshire 1937 Coronation Medal.Emblem approx.6" diameter on.75" bar.Essex Regiment Commemoratives.925 silver commemorative medallion and cap emblem from the Birmingham Mint series.British Airports Authority Fire Service Obsolete Cap Badge a pre 1986 Fire Brigade cap badge in good lightly used condition.British rafa Royal Air Forces Association Veterans Leather Key Fob leather fob with chromed and enamel metal emblem of this RAF veterans association.Family Medal Lot Ox Bucks Light Infantry and RA from the same source and most likely father and son but worth some research.2.7" by 2" with two lug type fittings 2d echo laten maken on the reverse.A bit duller tone than the pictures suggest.Australian Overseas Bazaar Badge contemporary subdued cast brass Australian Commonwealth Military Forces cap badge.Apparently these were fairly recently made in Germany.Two lug type fittings on the title which is slightly bent and in well used condition.

Well mde unmarked white metal, possibly silver or heavy plate with gilt centre and enamelled backing.