This is a NarutoXKaguya story, there is no exceptions, harem is optional though not preferred.
Neville is the BWL so don't worry about that.
With rage comes change, with change comes strength, and with strength comes the power to protect.He ends up impregnating them, but gets shot by Stryker with an adamantium bullet, making him lose his memory.Sanity Amongst Berserkers: The World Eaters are known to have recruited initiates from worlds they conquered.The story will be Harry and Tom trying to stop the rising of these soul pieces, but the dangerous part is every time one of them is destroyed that piece merges with Tom's soul again, bringing back memories of when he was the Dark Lord.The main purpose of the story is Naruto learning how to use the Rinnegan, it's affects on him being a shinobi, and him trying to keep it a secret while all the while people keep getting interested in him and what he is doing.Wolverine has to deal with hormonal women, a crazed future and a blank past, all the while trying to find his place in the world once again.The story would need to take a twist, hopefully something like Naruto grows an actual brain, maybe becomes hokage and goes to the five kage summit, though I like the idea of his relationship with the Fox to still be difficult like it was.Balancing Light and Dark in this story will be key to keep readers guessing, but no doubt it will make for a great story.He goes to seek him out looking for a way to cure his hideous figure.Suzuaku's element is lightning so maybe using the chidori and it's variants would be a good idea.4)Percy Jackson, ascent of the Three Realms: What if Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades faded, and their verjaardagskaart maken word children took their place?
Bloodlines that Scorch, Boil, Lava, Dust, Magnet, Wood, Storm, etc are the bloodlines I am talking about.
These three demigods are his daughters, from his three love encounters since moving to New York.
The Potters both survive the ordeal, and decide to raise him as their own vanille siroop maken to teach him what love was, but the pieces of Voldemort's soul are restless and start causing trouble, even trying to create bodies of their own.
We all know that the Uzumaki supposedly excelled at Fuinjutsu, so why did Naruto never develop similar skills?
The problem is his mother is eleven years old and hasn't even gone off to Hogwarts yet.
How about instead of falling for James she falls for someone else for whatever reason.I am referring to either a magical creature implant like a Dragon's Heart, or a bionic transplant like a blood stream full of nano bots that give him super human abilities.2)Naruto X Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover Ideas: Naruto of the Jagan: -Naruto awakens the Jagan Eye, which is the first time that it has ever been seen.The brew even pushes the senses to the superhuman level.Emma Frost, Ororo Munroe, and Jean Grey are all pissed for a multitude of reasons, mainly that the man they are in love with cannot remember them, and that he slept with someone other than them.A few ideas I have are Naruto using Fuinjutsu to seal people inside of himself.The magical community decide to use Lily as a test subject, and although it worked, knowledge on how to create it was lost with her death, but the results will live on forever more in her son, Harry James Potter.

Percy does not discover his demigod powers until he is much older, possibly from eighteen to twenty two, but around the time he figures out that he is a demigod, he gets an unsuspecting visit from one god carrying three demigods for him to raise.
Well Sasuke tries to steal Naruto's powers and his half of the Sage's chakra, but Naruto ends up pulling a reversal and getting all of Sasuke's chakra and powers, etc.