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Check your transcript against the current Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program.The first time I played with this app, I cried; I was finally playing guitar again.Download guitarism now and start rocking out!MCT benefits, as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, you gain access to a personalized.To be eligible for an MCT Developer Software Services subscription, you need to possess one of the following certifications: For more details on MCT Software Services, see your Certification Dashboard dashboard.Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) : Master 2016, Master 2013, Expert Excel 2016, Expert Excel 2013, Expert Word 2016, or Expert Word 2013 Note Microsoft Certifications and qualifications eligible for the MCT program are subject to change.And now today he is going to Japan with his coach.Share your achievement with a digital badge.For detailed information regarding MCT program requirements, review the MCT Program Guide and MCT Program Agreement in the Application process section of this page.Quadroplay turns guitarism into an advanced multi-channel midi controller - Demo videos at m/rhismnation - Rock out with guitarism today!, i am an independent developer, working hard to make guitarism the best guitar app possible.