how do i make a business facebook page

People who interact with my company page don't see my personal profile.
Its good to see what works and what doesnt, and if we dont like how to make a coffee table something new, we can always drop it and go back to what we were using.Creating a Facebook Business Page is only the first step to marketing your business on Facebook.When you first open the Audiences tool, it asks what type of audience youd like to create: custom audience, lookalike audience, or saved audience.In the next window, click Add Page under Add a Page of Your Own.Step 11: Share Something At this point Facebook considers your business page ready to go encourages rosa blasi make it or break it you to share a status update to your Timeline.From there, you can select attributes you want to include in your saved audience.
Its not very good for everyone, and unlike the Power Editor, it can be a bit of a pain in the ass if you just want to play around with.
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The marketing objectives are broken into awareness (how many users you can get to see your post consideration (how many people you can interest in your product kortingscode groupon januari 2018 and conversion (ultimately getting people to buy your goods or services).
In the example above you'll notice I've entered an address phone number.
You've officially created a Facebook business page!Now youre asked to choose an objective.Now that you have your page set up, what's next?Because you just set up your Business Manager account, this section focuses on giving an employee access to your businesss Facebook page and ads account.Your Facebook Business Page is Created!Create a New Facebook Business Page.Unfortunately, if this is your only page, youre stuck.

Your page is now added to Business Manager.