On a Macintosh, from your browser, go to: Firefox - Preferences.
In the icon list is a icon with a computertower and a gear, push.
Identify Command is the command you use to identify.This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality.If you are sure your browser supports cookies and you have them turned on, you may need to delete your old cookies in order to browse our site.Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify password." on Freenode.Close the preferences dialog box.From your browser, go to: Tools - Options.Netscape6: click on the sub-menu item named "cookies".NickservMask is easiest obtaint with an "whois Nickserv" for Freenode it is "NickServ!Make sure that the slider is set for medium.
You are now in the Server config, there you choose your Network.
You get the "Server" Options with tabs "General, Join Channels, On Connect, On Login, Nickserv".
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By using the site, you are consenting to this.There you go to Nickserv, enable NIckServ Identification and add a rule.How do I turn on cookies in Internet Explorer?In the right window, select the drop down menu item named "never ask" or "ask for each site" (in which case you will have to accept the cookies when prompted).Cookie Policy ajam pedis maken and, privacy Policy, as both have recently been updated.On a PC, from your browser, go to: Tools - Internet Options.A Network is a Globe and a little arrow, if you push the arrow you get (or hide) the server List, the servers are marked with a Screen and a computer.How do I turn on cookies in Netscape/Mozilla?Tick the box for x Allow sites to accept all Cookies.Note: m does not use any third party cookies.Single click on the sub-item named cookies.A website called, about Cookies has a good HowTo with instructions for lots of browsers on how to delete cookies.Msg -q for quite msg, this means how to make pc quieter that it is only send to the server and not echo to you.