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For Ford to have that kind of cash stash, he must have paid out at least half of that in taxes and expenses.
In the vintage clip below, Ford talks about his work with George Lucas.
Most top-line actors get some kind of percentage deal when they karwei kortingscode 5 euro act in a film.Lucas apparently cited Coppola as the inspiration for Han Solo.The idea is that the increased interest from fans generates more foot traffic into theaters.Hard to believe, but theres a clip in this article where the actor confirms.Harrison Ford hasnt released any info on his Force Awakens contract.Empire would be around.5 million.Harrison Ford made 20 million for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.The Big Bang Theory Actors Real Salary 2017.Others are rumored to earn as little as 1/50th to 1/75th of what Ford was paid.In the clip below, he said he thought Solos death in the third Star Wars film would lend weight to the character and the series.
Heres How Much Money Actors Make for a Golden Globe Win.
The table below shows the top line Golden Globe money facts, including how much actors make and how much films can make.
1 2 3 ยป.Ford also has a reported deal with Disney to make.5 of the earnings from.With a reported 1/2 of sales, this figure would already be.5 million.For example, Oscar Isaac won his first Golden Globe in 2014 for his performance in the Cohen Brothers picture.Fords total take from the movie could top out at 35 million.An actor can see a career-changing income shift after a win, as the section below illustrates.Actors and other film industry pros can and do sell Golden Globes after a win.