how to make a dark room lighter

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Is your problem heavy furniture or are small windows your problem?
Also, consider how often you tend to change your wall colors.
Meaning "something used for igniting" is from 1680s.Dizzy; slightly delirious: I get light on one martini.A living room can be a larger combination of a living, dining and kitchen space if you take down the walls that separate them.Easy to endure, deal with, or perform; not difficult or burdensome: light duties.These 10 tips can help you make the most of an all-important room: the living room.It is made up of electromagnetic waves with wavelengths between 4 X 10-7 and 7 X 10-7 meters.Old Saxon and Old High German lioht, Old Frisian liacht, German licht "bright from the source of Old English leoht (see light (n.).A mechanical device used in lighting cigarettes, cigars, or pipes for smoking.
In a good/bad light, under favorable (or unfavorable) circumstances: She worshiped him, but then she'd only seen him in a good light.
Emphasize your natural light sources to make your room brighter.
You won't be able to see the undertones that make the color interesting.
Shed/throw light on, to clarify; clear up: His deathbed confession threw light on a mystery of long standing.
Easily swayed; changeable; volatile: a heart light of love; His is a life of a man light of purpose.
Dramatic dark bedrooms are wonderful to relax and sleep. .Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.In the past ceilings were typically painted ceiling white."Dark grays like Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray and navy colors like Valspar Indigo Streamer quickly bring them into 2016.".Removing heavy or dark curtains will instantly add light into your dark rooms.1 lahy-ter noun a person or thing that lights or ignites.Source: House to Home Copper pendant lighting fixtures reflect light and brighten dark corners.Instead, opt for low-profile, streamlined furniture, particularly sofas.