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Look at our Newest Puppies Pages 1 and 2 for available puppies!If neither side can castle, this is "-".The purpose of key smart kortingscode FEN is to provide all the necessary information to restart a game from a particular position.They are like bogs because they have peat deposits in them, but unlike bogs some of their water comes from small streams and groundwater.Empty squares are noted using digits 1 through 8 (the number of empty squares and separates ranks.If you are looking for a new best friend or companion, try choosing one of our soft, sad eyed, devoted bassets.Each rank is described, starting with rank 8 and ending with rank 1; within each rank, the contents of each square are described from file "a" through file "h".Pocosins, like bogs, have lots of sphagnum moss and nutrient-poor acidic soil and water.
The main difference between a fen and a bog is that fens have greater water exchange and are less acidic, so their soil and water are richer in nutrients.
They tend to be medium sized, full chested, affectionate best friends.
Our new Kennel construction is underway! .
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1, a FEN record contains six fields.
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We are a small kennel in beautiful Southern Illinois, specializing in breeding and selling basset hounds.Family Education, advice for parents, every step of the way.2, halfmove clock: This is the number of halfmoves since the last capture or pawn advance.The solution implemented by chess engines like Shredder and Fritz_9 is to use the letters of the columns on which the rooks began the game.Edwards extended it to support use by computers.The season ticket will cover all seven NL fixtures, three NT Trophy fixtures, the opening Challenge match versus Poultec, the Silverski 4TT meeting and the KOC tie versus Leicester a total of thirteen meetings.Season tickets for the 2019 season are now available for supporters to purchase.

A text file with only FEN data records should have the file extension ".fen".
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Pocosins are often found between coastal freshwater marshes and deepwater swamp forests.