They originate on the lateral third of your clavicle and insert, along with your other deltoids, on the side of your humerus on the deltoid tuberosity.
That doesnt seem to make a bit of sense!
A successful bench press.
Sure, if they had monstrously strong shoulders (or a bench shirt they could benefit from this technique, but trying to touch more than a couple of inches below the bottom of the sternum simply doesnt work out well for most raw lifters.Heres whats going on: When you DB press, the only appreciable force youre dealing with is the force of gravity acting upon the dumbbell.Optimizing position of the horizontal bench press using surface electromyography.A comparison of successful and unsuccessful attempts in maximal bench pressing. The most important thing is simply that your shoulder blades are pulled together.What about the reverse-grip bench press? This will help train your serratus anterior, which aids in stabilizing your scapulae.Elbow The elbow is a simple joint. Most take care of the internal rotation naturally as they flare their elbows while driving the bar up and back off their chest. If the shoulders wont internally rotate enough, that can stress the medial side of the elbow. Try this with a form that mimics wide grip bench.
Most people have issues with their feet slipping when they drive through the floor when using this foot position, and most people simply feel more stable and get better leg drive with one of the other two techniques.
Shoulder flexion demands are determined by the distance of the bar in front of the shoulder joint.
how to make your own flyers Dont cheat range of motion on these, and make sure youre getting a solid stretch for 2-3 seconds on each rep.
The lateral distance between your hand and your shoulder doesnt change throughout the press, so horizontal flexion demands are unchanged throughout the lift.
Boy was I wrong. The range of motion is shorter and muscle activation in the prime movers is either t he same or lower across the board when compared to flat bench.Theres really no right or wrong answer. The key point here is that you shouldnt need to press the bar 4-5 inches before clearing the hooks, but you should be able to comfortably get the bar over the hooks without needing to reach up, protract your shoulder blades, and lose scapular position.There are two basic ways to go about getting an arch. Duh.