) quitarse la vida, suicidarse make for VI prep.
What do you make of him?
Heard farsi sentire make yourself comfortable si accomodi you'll make yourself ill!
1 5, edit your document.A cuánto sube (en total)?Jag vill ringa ett externt samtal, kan ni koppla mig??Click here to share your story.To make something torso kerstboom maken of it (inf) do you want to make something of it?I can't make anything of this letter no entiendo nada de lo que pone esta meet and make carta, no saco nada en claro de esta carta ; ( give importance to ) I think you're making rather too much of what I said creo que le estás.
Prétendre que., vouloir faire croire que.
A makeshift garden shed.
What do you make of all this?Por qué te complicas la vida?( earn ) guadagnare to make money far soldi to make a profit of 500 ricavare un profitto di 500 sterline to make a loss of 500 subire una perdita di 500 sterline he made a profit/loss ci ha rimesso / guadagnato he made 500.I have already Used a Web Application Client ID in my Google Sign In Options Generated.To cause.Bn có th t khách sn abrikozenconfituur maken met gedroogde abrikozen giúp tôi c không?Nereden uluslararas telefon görümesi yapabilirim?

( create, prepare ) fire, bed, tea, will, remark, plan, suggestion hacer ; dress hacer, confeccionar ; shelter construir ; meal hacer, preparar ; record grabar ; film rodar ; ( manufacture ) tool, machine fabricar, hacer I'm going to make a cake voy.
Glassmaking; ( also adjective ) the road-making industry.