how to make a mobile version of your website html

The functionality needed to convert an ordinary website game maker play video into a mobile one is charged separately here.
With a responsive theme, every user can access the same website so there is no need to run and update a mobile version separately.
Should you be running an outdated version, the developer may have added responsive functionality in the meantime.
Some developers place this option at the bottom of the website so when a user is freaked out about the mobile version layout he can easily switch to the layout he is used to browse on his personal computer, although it might take some time.Once the subdomain is created and the website is adjusted, go ahead and install the plugin in the main website admin dashboard.How to See the Mobile Version of Your Website?If you have Photoshop, you can use Save for web to create the smallest possible image size.This is where you can set up SEO, choose individual template, set up opening terms, link, add your own code and more.
Other than the tips stated above you can also use website builders.
How Much Does a Website Mobile Version Cost?
Youll see the quality of the service to decide whether its worth the investment.Editors Note: This article was originally published by Web Marketing Today.Nearly half of consumers say they wont return to a website if it doesnt load properly on their mobile devices.Media Queries is a CSS3 module allowing content rendering to adapt to conditions such as screen resolution, width and height, orientation.Check other options if needed to find a desired theme.The content of your website is one of the most important things that people look for in the first place so be sure for it to be exactly the same as on your normal website.The plugin options allow performing quite a lot of actions, and most of them are self-explanatory.Once done, you should choose a theme for your mobile version of the website - navigate to the WPtouch menu, click Themes Extensions (1).They can be integrated into any part of a web page.

This is called responsive design.