Shoebox Diorama Halloween The useless shoeboxes you had been planning to get rid of are now going to come handy.
Make an 18th century diorama.
They are real butterfly cocoons.It depicts Arthur pulling the sword from the stone.But the big thing about this one is that Frank has figured out a very inexpensive way to make great looking water in a diorama.It was made koppeling maken in excel by Joseph who has submitted some other wonderful dioramas.I make or customize everything because I can not find it on the market or the quality is so poor that I wouldnt use it for fire wood.You can show off your miniatures in this shadowbox.Want to make them?
Hanging wall cabinets in different sizes with a sliding glass front panel for accessing the cabinet, I made them to highlight different scale vehicles (one cabinet is for displaying nothing but engines including Harley engines).
I put all my best techniques and tricks in this book!
Here is more of a look at the volcanic rock in the Iwo Jima diorama.
Return of the Cursed Legion Diorama This diorama was made and submitted by a web visitor (Jeff).The 3d Waterfall Shadowbox Diorama A Walk in the Park This is a hand made diorama depicting a forest warfare scene with a group of Portuguese soldiers.An amazing Boat Mill diorama - A Boat mill is a Mill that floats on a river.The German Austrian UFO Diorama Guardians of the Deep This diorama is based on those underwater monster movies we enjoyed as a kid and in some cases as an adult.The diorama I make is Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth.War of the Worlds Here is a fun little science fiction diorama.How to make Fantasy and Medieval Dioramas.Here is the complete tutorial including painting tips and a video.I show you how and how to make the egg too.Check it out and learn how to make something like this right here.DIY Rainforest Shoebox Diorama, trap the lush green forests of the Amazon in the little box.