how to make a mp3 link

You can now download videos as how much do football players make MP3 files with HD audio quality.
Under 'Rip settings' there is a heading, 'Format The default setting is 'Windows Media Audio'.MixPod creates a free flash widget to embed into your site.There is no option to change the sample rate, but you can change the bit rate with the slider at the bottom of the box titled 'Audio Quality' Back to top).Leave a comment below to let us know how you embed MP3s into your sites or which of these options you like best.So, a quick way to double the quality of speech in the file is to encode it as mono.Click here to get the drop down menu and choose mp3 You will also need to think about sampling rate and bit rate.There are two ways of doing this: Link directly to an mp3 file.
The pros are that you get a plethora of great design options, embedded song information including artist and song name, the ability to adjust the color scheme to match that of your site, and access to popular songs and playlists.
Links pointing to MP3s are assigned an onclick handler which intercepts the click (preventing the browser from following the link and unloading the page.
Fortunately, what I learned about embedding music lives on and is easy enough to pass along.
SM2 will then create sound objects as needed to play the MP3s.
If you go into your website and put your file into a folder called 'sound' the URL of your file will be: 3, go to the relevant webpage and place a link to the above URL.
Altering encoding settings with iTunes Go to edit preferences and to the advanced tab and then click on the importing tab You will see it says 'setting' and the default value is 'High Quality (160 kbps If you click here to bring up the drop.
In this example this would be:.All of these methods are free and take mere minutes to implement.In this example we'll notionally save it as Dr_Smith_Lecture.The result is pretty slick.The player you should go with depends entirely upon the way you want to use.Link to your m3u file, go to the page where you want the user to get the mp3 file.So there is a trade off.To use the Google Reader MP3 player, simply paste the following code into your page and point the audioURL at your MP3 file.For the Yahoo player, you first insert this piece of JavaScript into you code: Then, instead of creating a new player for every MP3 you want to embed, you simply link to the MP3s in your html and it automatically creates the player for you.In iTunes: Go to edit preferences and a box will appear.Im sure you wouldnt be surprised to know that Google has a free resource that suits this problem perfectly.Type the name of the file, including the '.m3u' suffix.Sampling rate and bit rate The bigger the bit rate and sampling rate, the larger the file and so the longer the potential download, but also the higher the quality.