In B8, he performs the Autosum of the expenses, whose result is 1,200.
If youre here, youre probably already convinced that a pie chart is the best way to present your data.
That allows viewers to analyze the data in a snap.
To make it easier to read, you should put a label on each slice, and get rid of the legend.The fourth column will display the calculated frequency percentage for efteling cadeaukaart each category.Video: Make a Pie Chart in Excel Watch this video to see the steps for creating and formatting an Excel pie chart.Your sister needs help with a report for her dessert of the month club, and a pie chart seems okay for that!The pie charts are very appropriate for use in Dashboards or control panels.This will be the required pie chart for the given data.Pie charts can be used to represent both qualitative and quantitative types of data, even though it is more used to display categorical type of data.Open an Excel spreadsheet or other blank spreadsheet programs.Pie charts also called as circle graphs are used to show how the whole of something is divided into parts.
The following table shows the expenditure in percentage incurred on the construction of a house in a city: Item Brick Cement Steel Labour Miscellaneous Expenditure (in percentage) Represent the above data by a pie chart.
Step 1: First convert each of the data provided into a percentage or proportion.
By default, the chart has a legend at the side, that shows the text description for each slice of the pie.Perhaps your professor is basing 50 of your final grade on building the perfect pie chart.So, if youve never built a pie chart in Excel, or its how to make a joint rolling machine been so long that youve forgotten the steps, heres how you can do the best job possible.If not, though, here are a few reasons you should consider it:.Variations give you more options.Then, drag the chart to the location where you want.Central angle for a component (fractextbfValue of the componenttextbf100) 360 Calculation of central angles Item Expenditure (in percentage) Central Angle Brick 15 360) 54 Cement 20 360) 72 Steel 10 360) 36 Labour 25 360) 90 Miscellaneous 30 360) 108 Construction for creating pie chart.Excel is the most beautiful tool which can be used as per our requirements.

Food 3150 360) 105, education 1950 ( #x2079/ 360) 65, rent 2100 360).
Ill include the Category Name and Percentage in this example.