how to make a snuggie

Make Your Own Snuggie, instructables.
Tip: wash your Snuggie on its own (or at least with other items that are minecraft hotel maken a similar texture and material) it is abrasion that causes the most damage to your Snuggie and will cause piling of the blanket.Just make sure you put it on a cold or delicate cycle.This is where you'll cut to make the sleeves.Its best not to have anything else in the machine for it to rub against during the wash if possible.Because it has sleeves, the Snuggie allows you to stay snug in your blanket while leaving your hands free for other tasks.
Tip, you can purchase self-adhesive strips of Velcro at your local craft store and line the interior hem of the Snuggie on both sides, if your Snuggie does not have a Velcro closure.
This should give you a good overall idea of what the next few steps will entail.
This is your straight belastingdienst almere afspraak maken edge guide, so trim away!
Americas favorite blanket with sleeves, the Snuggie, has been a popular trend since late 2008.
It will have to be unfolded from the shipping position.
We were contact by a concerned Snuggie user who was unsure how to wash and dry their Snuggie.Next, measure up 24" from the newly cut edge and mark a line across the fabric.Repeat on opposite end.To dry it, you have a couple of options the best is to air dry it outside, preferably lying as flat as possible to stop it stretching or getting out of shape.The great thing about this project from Instructables is that you don't even need to buy any fabric to make your homemade Snuggie.Admit it, you want one.Open the Snuggie box and remove the Snuggie from inside.If you're using blankets, this part is done for you!Sit down on your favorite chair or couch and tuck the Snuggie around your body.Here are our kortingscode puur mieke top tips for washing and drying your Snuggie (or Slanket).Once you have the basic shape down, you'll need to make armholes, then sew it all up and you're done.

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