Pick the Add Anchor Point Tool and add two anchor points highlighted with voorbeeld voucher maken blue.
Well they are truly wrong.
How to create a checkerboard using Adobe Illustrator.We are done with the ping pong table for the moment.Next fill two new objects with the linear gradient like you see in the fourth and the fifth images below.Next fill these objects with R0, G0, B0 and apply a 5px Gaussian Blur effect for the resulting shape, then reduce its make your own card game Opacity.Lets create a nice background.Have you ever tried to make that using Photoshop or Illustrator?
4 A new window will open.
Well be using the Rectangle Tool, Pen Tool, gradients along with Align and the Pathfinder palettes to create main shapes.
Using the Pen Tool (P) create two objects and then fill these objects with the linear gradient as shown in the images below.
It was very simple.Make a copy ( Ctrl C, Ctrl F ) of the red_paddle group and change color of the new paddle with black, then reduce the size of it as shown in the following image.You can resize it to the whole document size.With the Rectangle Tool (M) create a 15 by 58px object.With the Ellipse Tool (L) create a 24 by 24px object and then fill this ellipse with the radial gradient like you see in the images below.Direct Selection Tool (A), click on the top-right anchor point of the new rectangle and move it 160px to the left.Keep working with the Pen Tool (P) create two paths like you see in the fourth image.To create a rectangle, hold both ShiftAlt key and create a square of your desired size.You notice that you have all name in that variable.2 Now create a square by using the rectangle tool (M).Next select the top-right and the bottom-right anchor points, then move them 5px to the left.With the Pen Tool (P) create two paths as shown below.Here we have the ping pong paddle ready.

B select all the squares by holding the Shift key and then change its color to white.