how to make a wiki site

You may want to write standards on how weaving the web of links should be done, and on article noteworthiness standards.
01 of 05, use Template, screenshot, let's use the wiki template that.
Type your wiki's purpose into the top text box on this page.How to create a wiki using WordPress (in 3 steps).You can use a site like WikiMatrix to compare your options and find a wiki that best meets your needs.In the "Web address" text box, type in the address you want to use for your wiki site.At the bottom of the sidebar, select Edit sidebar.Step 5: Invest in training.In the text box near the top of the page, type in the title of your wiki.Send out invitations via email through Sharing and Permissions.
Method 2 Making the Site.
2 Create an account.
These drive the most traffic for gaming websites, but getting the scoop can be incredibly difficult.
Choosing the right host from the outset can make things a lot easier down the line.The content of your site is what will determine how popular your site becomes.Proofread everything you write before you publish it online.Under the sidebar label, click Edit, then Add page.2 Upload wiki software to your own kado meiden 14 jaar server.This will create your wiki and take you to its home page.14 Click show ME MY wiki.You would need a self-hosting wiki where you can restrict access.This will take you to your account page.

Step 3: Create and post rules for your community Finally, its a good idea to consider how other people will use your wiki.
Before moving forwards, conduct a risk analysis to make sure that the information you store on the wiki will be secure.