how to make application for android

Needless to say, having an Android phone handy will help you be aware of Android features and capabilities.
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For instance, StackOverflow is a good place for understanding what an error means, and for troubleshooting.Eclipse will install the newly created application in your AVD, and launch it as well.Looking at swathes of documentation?For example, you can say phone is an object which has attributes like the name of manufacturer of the phone, the model number of the phone, price of the phone, and.The items outlined in Part 1 are prerequisites to getting started in building an Android mobile application, but it is absolutely OK if you do not match leger make up all of the above.Google is your friend.Being sociable is the key to success in such social forums.Question What programing language should I use how to make an origami rabbit for an Android app for beginners?2, have practical experience using Eclipse IDE for Java developers.There is a one-time fee of 25 to become a developer.You can download Eclipse from official site of Eclipse, or use this link: lipse.
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Another handy Android development tip is to make extensive use of themes, to manage the style across the app.
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For the most part, iOS is where the money is, but Androids where most users are.Part 4 Running Your Android App on an Android Emulator 1 Launch Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager.Rather than take the code heavy route of declaring the height and width of every single layout items in views, wrapping the layout around a theme is much more effective and easier.Make use of this tool develop a great mobile app for your business, your employees, or for anyone else who is interested.Such rapid application tools facilitate rapid iterations, often offering an easy drag and drop interface, doing away with the coding requirements.Co-opting a rich styling early in the development process makes it very easy to deal with device idiosyncrasies at a later stage, something very handy in todays age of device fragmentation.Make Good Use of Forums and Resources.Customizable User Interface, user interface plays a major role in the success of an app, and when it comes to Android apps, their highly customizable user interface makes it easy for app owners to manage them and deliver enhanced user experience.The appstore market is hard to break into.

Adam Sinickis post for Android Authority breaks down the process of Android app development into 10 simple steps.
Also, while innovation is a rockstar in the open source Android world, to break the rules you first must know the rules.
A new AVD will then appear in the AVD manager.