If you plan to freeze bread dough, use a slow action yeast to help with the rising process when you bake.
The way to knead your dough is to take it out of a bowl and place it onto a floured surface.
So in the bread dough went, still flat.Do not bake frozen bread dough right out of the freezer.Yes, sign me up to receive my free e-Book "Growing Vegetables Organically and Successfully" When I sign up to receive the monthly homesteading newsletter.Yeast is a living organism that can be killed if the water that you use is too hot, and if it is too cold you will wait much longer for it to react.If you are wanting brown and serve, you must bake it at a lower temperature and remove before it starts to brown.This can result in bread that is flat when you bake.Then you shape it as you would before your second raise (proofing).When freezing bread dough, adding a little extra yeast than your recipe calls for can also help ensure that the dough rises properly when the time comes to bake.You can also use two hands in the kneading process, although I often zelf filmpjes maken met foto's en muziek only use my right hand.
However, if you choose to freeze your dough this way, keep in mind that you will need to shape it prior to baking once it is thawed.
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We use cookies to make wikiHow great.We will show you how to make bread at home with step-by-step instructions and bread making tips that will soon have you making fantastic homemade bread all the time!Oil the top, cover and leave to rise again until it reaches the top of the tin.Knock back the dough, then gently mould it into a ball.HOW TO make bread - kneading THE dough.Thank you So Much!