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For the wheel, have your parents cut the inner part from a spool and glue the two ends together (or use a bobbin or take the spool out of a vcr tape that your parents say that you can have).Use this cardboard dinosaur craft alongside some favourite dinosaur stories, then follow it up with some more great dinosaur themed play and learning activities!Today we will show you how to make a tabletop billiards game that you can make with a recycled cardboard box and some checkers (or bottle caps).Regardless of size, the length of the arms should be about 6 times the width.Toy Shoe Box Wagons, it isn't hard to make a toy wagon.
Gag Jack in the Box - Hide a spring up Jack in the box guy that somes out of a little folder.
Tossing into the Target Game, these are made from corrugated cardboard, babykamer ideeen zelf maken with holes cut out in the shape of the objects you want thrown in the game.
How to Make a Bullseye Game Finger Ring - This craft doubles as a ring and when you take it off, you can set it up to be a game.Mini Chinese Checkers Game - Here is another woodworking project - find out how to make this child-size Chinese Checkers game.Our dinosaur was a shy fellow.Look at how pleased they both are!Twist the wire as shown in the picture and make loops at each end to hold the rubber band.Weve got a stack of cardboard hanging around the house after Christmas so weve been making some musical instruments.While a small cardboard boomerang won't break a window, it can hurt someone's head so should be thrown at some distance apart; and caution to children to watch what others are doing.String a button on a string, spin it and pull.See the picture above.How to Make a Wooden Ring the Stick Game - Make this fun game with a wooden stick and a cardboard tube.

Do not have the string any longer, or the game will be too difficult to play.
Glue it in place.
Color Wheel Spinning Toy - This is a 3 tiered color wheel so it is more complex than other color wheel spinning toys.