how to make crossbow out of paper

Make the shoulder pad very accurate and tight code promo net a porter so it is easy for it to stand.
Use sharp scissors to cut the new paper tube in half.Question How do I refill the crossbow when I have fired a pencil?There is no designated person who answers the questions posted here.Use clear tape to secure the tube.With the crossbow still facing upside down, stand the shorter half of your new tube up on the top of the vertical portion of the body, near the bottom.Stretch the rubber band string so that one end loops around one side of the horizontal bar and the other end loops around the other side of the same bar.Question Do I need three rubber bands or could I use two?Use as much as you need to ensure that the two tubes are firmly attached and not wiggling around, as this bond needs to be steady for your crossbow to hold together.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Roll up another sheet of paper into a tight tube, working from long end to long end, and use clear tape to secure the ends and side of the tube.Use duct tape or masking tape for a stronger hold.
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It depends on how big your crossbow.
The first two tubes must be taped together at a perpendicular angle.No, it doesn't have to be lined.Hold your paper crossbow up with the front facing your target.5 Place the new tube diagonally from the vertical shoulder stock post.Question Do I need to add only a pin to a paper crossbow?7 Attach a clothespin to the body of the crossbow.4 Things You'll Need Scissors Standard tape Masking tape 7 sheets of letter-size printer paper 3 large rubber bands Clothespin Pencil or other projectile References Loading.2 Cut this tube in half.Download videos: hd720 medium, how to Make a easy powerful crossbow at home how to make a crossbow, crossbow, how to make a crossbow easy, how to make a paper crossbow, how to make a mini crossbow, how to make a bow, how to, how.Try to keep both halves symmetrical when you attach them.No, you can just hold the rubber band by hand, but the pin is useful.The band should be able to stretch back comfortably without bending your crossbow.Tape a spring-action clothespin to the top of the long body of the crossbow.Work from both perpendicular corners, essentially creating an "x" shape with the tape.