how to make fried bananas

I have recently written a separate post on limestone water (a bit of a misnomer, but thats the common name) or which explains in what polyester zelf maken form it exists in the Thai culture and how it is used in the Thai cuisine.
5 Place on a wire cooling rack and let cool.Just by looking at the finished product, you can tell the work of an okay fried banana vendor from that of a very good one easily.If you're okay with having black papieren jurk maken banana chips, then laving the lemon juice out shouldn't be an issue.Yes, the color does not affect the taste.This recipe has been tested multiple times, yet I keep thinking it wont be good enough.7 Dip the fried bananas into the sugar syrup.Use green, unripe bananas or the large cooking bananas known as plantains.That may be true for some of the very rudimentary dishes.Choose ones that are not too ripe.
To prevent this, make sure you heat the oil to the frying temperature of 350 F and refrain from frying too many pieces of banana at the same time.
Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or baking soda and Calcium Hydroxide are both alkaline.
If possible, use fresh, such as grated nutmeg or buy as fresh a spice as possible.
Green bananas make better chips.
Thai Fried Bananas, enough as a snack for 4-6 people.
Yes, you could use any kind of sweetener.
They should be yellow all over with the tops still a bit green.There are those who prefer the curvy pieces, those who prefer the flat pieces, and those like me wholl eat anything.3 Sprinkle fresh lemon juice over the top of the slices.Only add them single layer and avoid touching.They will all make the bananas crispy and crunchy.Its one of the easiest snacks to make and you wont have any leftovers. .No, the sugar would burn.Pick up gave kleding online one slice at a time, making sure its thoroughly coated with the batter, and carefully lower it into the hot oil.Question Can I use any other kind of sugar besides brown sugar?They can be stored for up to a year.