It was followed by the 2003 direct-to-video sequel Inspector Gadget 2, though none of the original cast (except.
In true Mad Scientist tradition, he nearly drove his wife to divorce, plunged them both into tremendous debt, destroyed his home and scalded his face with acid.
And then there's the late bungling inventor.S.
One of the abilities being an 'Experimental Ray' which has a chance for various effects, including turning the target into a teddy bear.When Madison took over Box, he used his powers to turn it into a Transforming Mecha whose forms were only limited by his imagination, and whatever materials he had that could be added.In the second incarnation of the World of Darkness : Werewolf: The Forsaken has the Iron Masters, who tend to stay close to humanity and urban habitats.The eponymous hero may not build giant robots or steampunk wonders, but he's still a kid papieren jurk maken who is apparently able to come up, from scratch, with the basic principles for a number of technological innovations (such as the spyglass or the gramophone) and build working.Not only did she build two Humongous Mecha by herself, but in her introductory scene she replaces a damaged power converter that took a team of engineers a month to make with one she made the night beforein her sleep, no less.In Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, this isn't uncommon, and most are also mad scientists.He helps every other "Rigger" assemble twice as many "Contraptions".
Anime, the Gadgeteer Genius is usually female, and often still in grade school.
Handy in The Smurfs is capable of making all sorts of advance machinery like harvesting machines, telephone lines, a fire pump and even a robot in the Middle Ages.
Loonatics Unleashed : Tech.
Obfuscating Stupidity : Brain's French name of "finaud" and the lyrics of the French version of his theme song both allude to his hiding his competence behind his harmless outward appearance.
Dzemik note (his name is a rather complicated pun on a Polish celebrity who originally was facetiously created as an expert who responded to the readers' technological questions, and also starred in the magazine's comics where he was usually a plot device who invented the time.There's polyester zelf maken even a good chance that his artificial hand and leg were hand crafted.Accidental Hero : Although Penny and Brain are typically the ones who actually realize what's going on and save the day, Gadget 's screw-ups are often an enormous help to them.She doesn't see this as anything special, and builds it simply da nl cadeaukaart to grow experimental protein crystals properly.Yes, that is a coffee maker.

Totem Pole Trench : In the episode "Weather in Tibet Penny and a friend of hers do this to sneak past some guards.
Among other things, he can camouflage himself, has a radar system to track Gadget 's location (and other people's as well can extend his tires upwards, has retractable jail bars in his back seat (for transporting criminals a vending machine (options on this include Skittles.