That may be a good sign- battery is now taking current.
So far so good.
In order to access the jack how much do mystery shoppers make I had to disassemble the laptop and how to make a stencil remove the top cover assembly with the display.
That seems to indicate it is alive, but too discharged to allow for charging- most likely staying in precharge mode with a large series resistor limiting input current to very low values.At the same time, I can plug into the laptop and it stays powered.Luckily, modern laptops are much more efficient than their predecessors.Well, we still have zakelijk cadeau jubileum pins 6 and 7 to figure out.It then occurs to me that some batteries have a signal called System Present, and only allow charging/discharging if they see that signal.In some models the DC jack is soldered to the motherboard.First we connect a TI EV2300 interface.Measuring the pin to ground resistance in and out of system we see that the laptop pulls pin 6 to ground when battery is inserted.In my case the DC jack was attached to a cable and I easily disconnected it from the motherboard. .Next we apply constant current load and run a discharge cycle to see how much capacity we can get out of the battery.When the connector or power cord moved, the battery charge LED light on the front goes on and off.
If it pass test, replace the jack.
But as soon as I started wiggle it, the voltage dropped to 0VDC.
Who wants to make an urgent dash to a power outlet to rescue their laptop battery?
TI EV2300 m/tool/ev2300, tI bqEasy software m/tool/bq20z45-r1_bqeasy-sw.
The battery was fully depleted at the time of purchase and would not power the laptop.
If the battery stops charging when you move the adapter plug, test the AC adapter first. Seems like a reasonably healthy battery that should provide service for a while.November 19, 2018, pCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.When the adapter cord didnt move, I was reading.45VDC.First of all, I tested the adapter with a voltmeter.Now we can run tests on the bench.If you have a problem like that, most likely its related to the AC power adapter or the DC jack.Voltage on the pins is now.6V, meaning the charger is trying to do its job but no current is actually making.That most likely means we have SMbus (a typical comm channel for notebook batteries) on pins 3 and 4, and a battery temperature on pin.I could also not see any voltage present on any of its pins.Some ultraportables can endure for 14 hours or more.Its not a Hamfest if you dont bring home something to take apart of course!Since we are dealing with a parts laptop here, an easy way to figure out full pinout is to look at the motherboard end of things: Battery connector details, it is pretty obvious that the larger blades are power and ground, and by measuring resistance.Thats the amount of charge internal gas gauge counted going out during the last discharge cycle.