how to make larp armor

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We have lots of how to make a dry gin martini medieval and renaissance clothing.
And Canada wholesale distributor for the Epic Armoury product line.
In our online catalog you will find items such as medieval swords, Greek and Roman swords, Scottish swords such as Claymores and William Wallace, Military swords, Military sabers, Viking swords, decorative and functional Oriental Swords, Spanish swords and wooden practice swords. .If you are a retailer, please refer to the Become A Dealer page to open an account.We design custom, hand-crafted legal armour for SCA and larp gift card csgo live (Live action role-playing) events.Our leather brigandines are designed by lining the inside of suede with rigid leather plates.We are the largest online distributor of Medieval and Renaissance items.Looking for a complete set of functional armor?
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We have styles for any occasion, whether you want to be an authentic peasant at the fair, a princess bride, the juggling jester or even the King, you are sure to find something here.
Choose from styles like Barbuta, German Sallet, Pig Faced Bascinet, Viking helmet, Crusader helmet, Comb Morion and Lord of the Rings inspired helmets.If you are a consumer, please refer to our authorized retailer page to see where you can purchase these product lines.Dark Knight Armoury also has leather gloves which provide better handling of your sword.For the lower leg leather armour protection we carry leather greaves.Leather mantles are constructed from 7 to 8 ounce armour grade leather.Dark Knight Armoury has a variety of chainmail armor styles such as flatten chainmail, butted chainmail and riveted chainmail.Thats why we say that Epic Armoury is made by role-players for role-players.

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Dark Knight Armoury is your source for different and unique Medieval headwear, leather headbands and crowns.