One pound of dried elderberries will keep you in syrup for months, depending on how often and much you take.
Add praxis malden korting a teaspoon at a time until it taste right for you.
If you chose great, sweet blueberries, stick with this.I recommend doing the same.As of this posting, Mountain Rose Herbs sells organic dried elderberries for about 10/lb.Please definitely leave a comment!If they're good and sweet already, follow the recipe and taste test at the end to site maken wix see if you need to add a teaspoon more at a time.After an hour, uncover and let it cool on the stove in the pot until it stops steaming. As you stir, keep watching for stems and other detritus to pop up and carefully pick them out with a clean hand.While the mixture is simmering, mix together the cornstarch and the remaining 1/4 cup of cold water, using a fork to ensure it all dissolves and there are no clumps.
(As you can tell, I buy in bulk, but then I make the syrup and give it away to all my friends during the winter.).
Quite frankly, you can easily go broke buying elderberry syrup in the store.
I doubled the recipe knowing I wanted to make more for the food swap (and it made about 10 cups of syrup give or take so a single recipe is perfect for family use.
I discovered the secrets of blueberry syrup from scratch yep, homemade blueberry syrup.Add the cinnamon sticks, cloves, and Chinese star anise.This has been one rough winter in New England, thats for sure.Whenever youre buying an unfamiliar herb, always be sure you check the botanical name to ensure youre getting what you intended.Yours may be different.I also always toss in about a half dozen.