Tongue ;-) wink :-D :D D, big Smile/Grin :-O :O :-o :o, surprised.
In today's day and time, it is hard to kijkgaatje in deur maken imagine chatting or texting without these smileys.
Ask Your Question Fast!Facebook has introduced us to an alternate way of living, where we connect with people we know, we don't know, reconnect with those we haven't heard from in the longest time, chat with them, and create new or relive old memories.My life was made simple by this answer.Smiley Face icon next to the comment text box to insert those kinds of icons and images if your device doesn't support the emoji you're after.Hey whoever you are, thank you very much!
That was the best advice I have got.
Puja Lalwani Oct 30, 2018, the use of smiley faces on Facebook helps enhance your chat conversations with your buddies, and makes them more expressive.
Cool :- mad :O :-O :o :-o, angry :-/.
All those other feelings you want to express through this electronic medium remain inappropriately conveyed if you don't know how to use these smileys.
In the early days, Facebook users had a limited selection of emoticons, but now there's a huge menu full of emoji you can pick from when making status updates, posting comments, and chatting in private messages.We need your help!If you're using the Facebook mobile app, find the.It is spam / self promotion.Feeling/Activity/Sticker option below the status text box or the.What you must know, is that the symbols for smiley faces on Facebook are more or less similar to the popular text message ddos aanval maken symbols that we have been using in our texting sessions.In today's day and time, the dependency on these smiley faces seems to be increasing, and chatting without these seems unimaginable.

It was an easy fix.
You can't crack a joke without putting a wink, you can't express anger without the angry symbol, you can't even express your love if you don't know how to make a heart on Facebook!
How to Make Smiley Face Symbols.