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Soap (With or Without Lye growing up, it never occurred to me that it was possible to make soap at home.
I had trouble finding it locally, but I was able to order pure lye specifically for soap making here.3, read up on how to work with lye safely.2 Cover the mold.You melt the soap base in the microwave or a double boiler.Submit Tips Don't use perfume as a fragrance, especially if it contains alcohol.Part 1 Preparing to, make, cold Process, soap.
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It will burn your skin if you touch it, so make sure you always wear gloves and goggles when working with lye, and avoid breathing its fumes.
Set the soap on top of parchment paper on a flat surface or a drying rack for two weeks to allow the saponification process to complete and the soap to fully dry.There are several different methods of making your own soap.If swallowed, contact a poison control center.It is one of the most important things in making your own soap, because you need it to produce the soap reaction.There are ways that you can make and customize your own soap without handling the lye by using a pre-made melt-and-pour soap that has been pre-saponified (in other words, the lye has already been handled).If not, you could get in trouble.Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) is a harsh base and can be extremely dangerous.Once you have a recipe and the necessary oils/fats, youll also need to get some pure Lye to use in the saponification process.A glass or plastic wide-mouth pitcher, to hold the water and lye.It is not lye-free, but you wont have to handle the lye yourself.As you add the lye to the water, it will heat the water and release fumes.Leave the soap covered, undisturbed, and out of air drafts (including the air-conditioner) for 24 hours.Put it in a mold, and voila, youre done.This isn't absolutely necessary, but it reduces stirring time by about an hour.

If your soap looks like it's covered in oil, that means that the oils and lye water have separated and the soap needs to be thrown out.