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Gruppenmitglieder müssen die Gruppe besuchen, damit sie zum Administrator ernannt werden können.
Select your web designer from your list of friends and click the button on the bottom of the box which says Add Admins.
Before you start you should make sure you have added your designer as a friend on Facebook.There are two ways to make someone an Admin of your fan page.Make a fan an admin, if the person is already a fan of your page.Step 3: Click "Edit Page" to get to Fan Page Options.Rather than giving out your private login information, youll want to manually add your designer as an administrator to your page.Click on your pages name to be taken to your pages wall.Step four: Once you are on the Options Page you will see a number of wider boxes on the left side of the content area, a number of smaller boxes to the right of these, and lastly facebook ads on the far right outside.Click this link to be taken to your Facebook promotiecode corendon september 2017 Pages options page.Make an admin via email, for fans and non-fans, the email method can be used to make anyone an Admin of your page.Go to the list of people who like your page.Well, anyone with a Facebook account.
Recently I was hired to work on a fan page and I asked the client to make me an Admin.
Step 2: Search for your Business Name.
The add screen has two sections; you can make a friend an Admin (but not a fan who isnt a friend) or Add an Admin via email.
Scrolle how to make a tweety auf der Seite nach unten und tippe auf.If you want to Add via the Edit screen, you can search Friends but not Fans or you have to know the individuals email address.I then realized that I should write it up for an article and then I would have the link available for when I needed to send it to someone.On the right side of the next page, scroll down to the Admins section and click on the link that says Add.And, as Facebook expands more companies are hiring professional web designers to administer their pages.The smaller boxes in the content area should be named News for Page Admins, Promote your Page, Admins, Help with Your Page, and Promote with Facebook Badge.Step 4: Find the Adminstrator box and click Add.Step one: Log in to Facebook, step two: Type the name of your page into the search box in the upper portion of the page (the name should appear as you are typing).Usually, when this is part of a client relationship, you arent friends on Facebook so you will be adding the Admin via email.