how to make superman

water 1 black edible.
Lay your red fabric on your worktable.
Stand in front of a mirror and attach the emblem to the center of your chest using foam double-sided tape.
Pick a spray paint that is made for use on leather or vinyl and look for a glossy finish if you'd like your boots to be shiny.Did this summary help you?4, part 2 Adding the Cape 1, purchase three yards of shiny red synthetic fabric.Then, use needle and thread to secure the cape to the back collar of the shirt or leotard.Then cut the yellow vinyl around the red emblem so that you're left with a superman emblem in red and yellow.
Draw it on with fabric markers.
Tip, each actor who plays Superman wears the curl a little differently.
Try the briefs on over your tights or leggings.
4, blow up the emblem so that it covers your chest area.
12 10 Thread the belt through the belt loops.
Make a copy of the image that is large enough to fit on the chest of the shirt.
Take 2-4" off that measurement.Draw another chalk outline on the other side that connects at the crotch.Glue the stencil to a piece of red felt with a craft make custom flyers spray adhesive.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.3 Trace the briefs on a red stretchy fabric.Add a little extra hair pomade to the lock of hair that you are turning into the Superman curl.Have a friend help you if you need.2 7, attach the red "S" to the yellow vinyl.Tuck one to two inches of the red fabric into the back collar of the shirt.Lay the briefs on the fabric so that the top hem of the briefs lines up with edge of the fabric.Try to find cowboy boots, riding boots or rubber boots.

Look for high waisted mens briefs in red at your local mens clothing store or online.
Trace the internal parts of the emblem with a pen and cut those out with a utility knife.
Repeat at the back and at the sides.