how to make tobacco in doodle god

There is only a set amount of elements that you can create for each category and an elephant isn't one of them.
Home doodle God Blitz doodle God Tobacco, welcome to the page where you can see how to make.
Extra (Humorous religion apple cellphone money money money money money Chapter: 4 magicvoidlightdarkness magicknowledgespell magicbeastunicorn magicwaterpotion magicpaperscroll magicreligionpriest magicmusicbard magiceggdragon voidlifechaosorder voidchaosastral astraldeathillithid magicweaponwand magichumanelf elfdarknessdrow metaleflmithril metaldrowadamantite metalhumanarmor metalastralsilver housearmorcastle nepwonden maken bloem housewizardtower weaponelfbow weaponhumanswordcrossbow weaponwizardwand weaponpriestmace weaponbeastclaws lightdarknessshadow energydarknessdeath priestwarriorpaladin priestmagicprayer priestprayerhealing healingdeathresurrection humantreedruid humanelfhalf-elf.When you get the 140th element, you open chapter.One of the first animals you can make is the lizard, which is Swamp Egg.Void is a combination of ChaosOrder.You cannot create yourself.
It is available 130 elements have been created.
To make the cellphone you need to put radiowave and computer together (radiowave and computer).
Alcoholic alcohol human blood dinosaur human cement limestone clay ceramics human clay corpse human fire corpse human poison dolphin fish beast domestic animal beast human hut human stone oil coal water sex human human steam -engine coal boiler tools human metal whale fish plankton wizard.(more wizArd plus energy If you want to create it again but in another way do this: Philosophers Stone Human, you can't make Void, you have to have at least 100 elements then it will be gifted to you However if you are playing.Hope this helps you.It shall help you tremendously.Then mix with ice (waterglass) to make ice cream!Lizard Earth make the beast.4th Generation: bird air egg boiler metal steam clay sand swamp dinosaur earth egg electricity energy metal glass fire sand lizard egg swamp moss weeds swamp mushroom earth weed plankton water bacteria quicksilver metal water seeds life sand sulfur swamp bacteria turtle sand egg worm.I don't think theres a dad in doodle god.Tobacco is part of the plants group.PS: You can add energy to a wizard to make a demigod add stone and life together and you get a Egg!