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Rel - Specifies the kind of relationship between the document and the linked resource.
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frame - Open the document in the specified frame.If you want to reference an ballon gewicht maken e-mail address, you can use the mailto protocol; for example, mailto.Examples of image scaled to size correctly.Anchor tags are commonly used to link separate webpages, but they can also be used to link between different places in a single document, often within table of contents or even launch external applications.Html: a href"ml" This link /a takes you to a document called "ml.".If the element isn't already visible on the screen, the browser will scroll the document to show.You create hyperlinks using the a element.
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Href - Specifies the URL of the resource that the a element refers.
Replace image img width and height values with the size required.
_blank - Open the document in a new window (or tab).Works with images such.jpg,.jpeg.gif, and.png.Attribute, the a element has local attributes:href, hreflang, media, rel, target, type.The following code sets the four anchor pseudo-classes.!doctype html html head style a:link, a:visited /span!- w.ja v a.co m- text-decoration: underline; color : #6A5ACD; background - color : transparent; a:hover, a:active text-decoration: underline overline; color : #191970; background - color.Html Tutorial html Tags html Hyperlink a The essence of an html document lies mooie dingen maken van hout in the first two words: (H)yper(T)ext.Example 2 : Link to an anchor within the same document.A relative URL points to another directory and/or document inside the same website,.g.Note that you may also link to an anchor within an external document.Hreflang, specifies the language of the resource linked by the href attribute (which must be present with this one).