I just want to make love to you, baby.
I'm just gon' concentrate on you.
And I will maki eyes not let go 'Till you tell me to, girl relax, let's go slow, i ain't got nowhere.
And I will not let.I dont want you wash my clothes.Yeah, i don't want you wash my clothes.Know by the way that you treat your man.Throw your clothes on the floor.Photos 'Till you tell me to, baby tonight is your night, and I will do you right.Just make a wish on your night.It features strong, energetic performances from founding member Roger Earl, longtime bassist Craig Macgregor, guitarist Bryan Bassett and singer-guitarist Charlie Huhn.I can love you, baby, till the night change.
I don't want you make my bed.
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I don't want you work all day.
I don't want you leave the home.I dont want you be no slave.We're gonna celebrate, all through the night.The track is one of 10 classic anthems featured on this must-have document, which lets you enjoy all the excitement of a Foghat concert from the comfort of your living room.I dont want your money too, i just want to make love to you, baby.I don't want you cook my bread.Girl are you ready, it's gon' be a long night.