Strong encapsulation, to allow a component to declare which of its public types are accessible to other components, and which are not.
It can also be used by downstream tools in the construction of OS-specific package artifacts.
This flexibility will also make it easier to modularize existing applications which already construct sophisticated hierarchies or even graphs of custom class loaders, since such loaders can be upgraded to load types in modules without necessarily changing their delegation patterns.Jar -C classes /.Detailed description is here.Sql.Driver ientDriver jdbc DriverManager# getConnection connect URLconnect null rvice#providers ClassLoader# getResources Iterator Object i oviders(.class while (i.hasNext Object obj xt surinaamse nasi maken met kip Enumeration URL urls.Package Versioning edit Several manifest headers hold versioning information.Class-Path java -Xbootclasspath/a: exec.The declaration of the java.Attribute defined for beans objects: Java-Bean: Defines whether the specific jar file entry is a Java Beans object or not.
For every file entry signed in the signed JAR file, an individual manifest entry is created for it as long as it does not already exist in the manifest.
Index File Specification The ST file contains one or more sections each separated by a single blank line.
Util.jar See Also Package curity Package java.
Out ansform(source, result intln File saved!If, in our example above, a JAR file on the class path contains a class file named com/foo/bar/alpha/ass then that file will never be loaded, since the pha package is exported by the r module.An instance of the Module class represents a single module at run time.Each section must start with an attribute with the name as "Name and the value must be a relative path to the file, or an absolute URL referencing data outside the archive.Specification-Version: The value is a string that defines the version of the extension specification.2.4 The readability relationships defined in a module graph, combined with the exports clauses in module declarations, are the basis of strong encapsulation : The Java compiler and virtual machine consider the public types in a package in one module to be accessible by code.Xa; It also inspects the declaration of the r module, already shown above, and also those of the.qux, java.

A module declaration is compiled, by convention, into a file named ass, placed similarly in the class-file output directory.
Classpath entry can be used to specify other JAR files to load with the JAR.
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