katten kado artikelen

We carry the torch for a long Swedish baking tradition of which we are proud and feel a great responsibility to continue.
The atmosphere here is characterised by care, joy and commitment, and we are keen to maintain this.
Here bakers, confectioners, chefs, cold-buffet specialists and serving personnel scurry back and forth with pans, mixing bowls and trays, just as theyve done for almost a century.Behind VeteKattens serving counter and coffee rooms is an area even larger than that reserved for our guests.In those days women had only had the vote for a couple of years very few companies were run by women, and even fewer patisseries.Basic meeting equipment such as a flipchart and a small whiteboard are available (in the VIP room) when you book. .She teamed up with a partner, Anna Skog, who initially looked after production.Two of them remained until 1979 when VeteKatten was sold to Agneta and Östen Brolin.Metro pizza maken in pizzapan stations: T-Centralen and Hötorget.Originally trained as a chef, Johan worked at a number of Stockholm restaurants until one day he saw a crocodile being carved out of ice, and realised that that was something he wanted.After a few years Anna left and Ester continued to run.They in turn sold the venerable institution in 2012 to master pastry chef Johan Sandelin, who has worked in the company since 1997 and ensures the spirit of VeteKatten lives.Why locals love it, vete-Katten is an iconic local fika spot bursting with a delectable selection of traditional Swedish cakes and pastries.
There are entrances to VeteKatten at Kungsgatan 55, Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26 and Gamla Brogatan 30 (wheelchair access entrance).
It is said that the name was spawned when Ester was asked what her bakery would be called and answered: Ja, det vete katten, which in Swedish can mean both the cat knows and the wheat cat.
This year the team came in 7th in the Pastry Chef World Championships with exhibits including a chocolate Viking ship and a Viking made out of you guessed it ice!
Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm (shop) (office) To place an order, fill in the order form on the Orders page or email: Lunchmeny Sallad Se våra griffeltavlor vid serveringsdisken för dagens paj, soppa och bakpotatis.He became production manager in 2009.VeteKatten has a large workforce and we are regularly looking for people in our bakery, service, cold-meat and kitchen teams.Step inside for a few moments of good old-fashioned pleasure.A labyrinth of corridors, rooms, stairwells and conduits criss-cross the old turn-of-the century building.Another idea she had was to exclusively employ young women in the business (and she held by this, as not a single man was employed at VeteKatten until 1961, the year Ester died).Yes, VeteKatten is a Stockholm institution written about, spoken about and above all visited, by most Stockholmers, both well-known and unknown, from Great Garbos time to the current day.Conny voor de snelle levering lees meer - Beste Conny, de bestelling was erg goed afgeleverd.Why you should visit it, if youre out and about in central Stockholm and in need of a slow-paced sanctuary to restore your energy, look no further than Vete-Katten.When VeteKatten advertised for a pastry chef he applied, spurred on by the challenge of working at a bakery with such high demands and ambitions.

VeteKatten is one of Stockholms few remaining authentic patisseries.