What would have been feasible with laminated wood did not prove possible with solid wood.
When he was working for Wilkhahn Friso Kramer envisaged a chair which would, for the first time, combine the materials wood and polyester - both materials that were familiar to Wilkhahn.
We know a professional restorer who can refinish this damage.
Stained beech legs, moulded polymer rails, seat and backrest.Measurements: HxWxD 80x46x49 cm, seat height.The chair was in production for just a short time.(Praised value: 2500 euro).The chair was designed in 1967, production was discontinued after a short time, although as an innovative design its importance was no less than that of the Revolt chair.One of the basic ideas was that the wood should need no transverse reinforcements, because the rigidity of the chair was to be obtained by the polyester mold sandwiched between the exterior wooden forms.Perhaps this is the third one.More photos on request.
The combination polyester/solid wood, using comtemporary glues, proved insufficiently durable.
There is one in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and one in Friso Kramers home.
Friso Kramer for Wilkhahn, Eimbeckhausen (D WKH chair, model no 210/1.
There is a small damage in the polyester of the backrest.
Provenance: Collection Bram van den Berg, architect for Bas van Pelt, The Hague, Netherlands.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1978 - The Furniture Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NAi publishers, 2004, pag 220.
Catalogus Friso Kramer.Literature: lazanya maken - Stoelen: Nederlandse ontwerpen / Peter Vöge en Bab Westerveld, 1986.The buyer can choose for the chair with or without restoration.Although Kramers intention was to use laminated wood, because solid wood in combination with polyester would inevitably lead to a less logical construction, he eventually agreed - for assortment reasons - to use solid wood instead.In 2001 werd deze stoel op een Londense veiling (Phillps auctioneers) afgeslagen voor 700 euro excl.#1: Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist (Best Overall Pick) It comes as no surprise that our top pick is also one of the best-selling sewing machines out there.#4: Eye Contact Wist je dat mensen die elkaar nog nooit eerder hebben ontmoet een hoge kans hebben om op elkaar verliefd te worden als ze langdurig oogcontact met elkaar hebben?#7 Build A Blog One of the most exhaustive endeavors when it comes to making money online is to build a blog.#Crypto Mining #Bitmain #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Monero #Electroneum Wikicoin Fri, 01/18/2019 - 02:21 2550 views views Recommended articles Bitcoin vs Ripple The Ultimate Comparison Blockchain in the Supply Chain: Applications, Benefits, and Prospects Going Forward Dogecoin Mining Pools - Is It Worth It?'19, 01:54 239,00, levering, ophalen, bericht.#Fun #Fun, flashback: Joeys Speelgoed #08, de altijd grappige Hogswoggle wil graag gaan voetballen.#1 Het overzicht van jouw adminstratie is zoek Bij cloudopslag organiseer je jouw documenten zoals op je computer.