Will not, C2; see Nelle.
Coarse cloth of russet colour, HD; a kind of apple,.A mite, small coin, thing of no value, C3, Cotg._weall wall, rampart; Lat.On high, S2, PP; an hei, S2; an hey, S2; an hi3.Night, Nigt, Niht; see Nyght.
To kick, MD, W; kycke, Palsg.-Cp.
Briar, geschenke steuerfrei S3, W2; brer, S3; breres, _pl_., S, S3, C; breris,.-AS.
(On-.) Onlich, _adj_.Whence, S3; see Whannes.Comrade, fellow, vagabond; gadelyng, PP, G, CM; gadlyng, HD; gedelynge, PP, HD; gedelyng,.-AS.A wild goat, W2; capretis, _pl_.,.-Late Lat.To sprinkle about, H; strenkelyn, Prompt.; strenkle, S2; strinkle, HD; strenkild, _pp_.,._fiands _fijands enemy,._dyppan for dup-ian see SkD (p.ge) clæ*nsian see Sievers, 185.A-, _prefix_ (10 standing for.To know, S2; see Knowen.Pain, MD; see Ache.Christmas, MD; Cristemasse,.