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Cpp : wildcard _example / Editor / Editor.The following list provides a name and short description for variables that are used for all builds, or are used by the makefiles for things other than builds.The way I make love to 'em.Use with cau- tion as a make install will overwrite any existing /etc/mail/.These variables and their effects are documented in ports(7), portsdir/Mk and the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook.The value should include the full path to the.mc file,.g., /etc/mail/.Coptflags ( str ) voeldoos maken voor peuters Controls the compiler settings when building the ker- nel.It also defaults the A and J runtime options to off.Sendmail _ ldadd ( str ) Flags to add to the end of the ld(1) command when building sendmail(8).It defaults to generic.If set, every utility that uses will be linked statically.
Kernconf ( str ) Controls which kernel configurations will be built by make buildkernel' and installed idée cadeau noel original by make installkernel'.
NO _ kernelconfig ( bool ) Set this to skip running config(8) during make buildkernel'.
Loader _ firewire _ support ( bool ) Defining this and recompiling /usr/src/stand/i386 will add dcons(4) console driver to loader(8) and allow access over FireWire(ieee1394) using dconschat(8).
The alternative is btree.
Normally, this is distfiles in portsdir.
Sh(1), ksh(1), and csh(1) all currently supported.
Caveats Note, that makeobjdirprefix and makeobjdir are environment variables and should not be set in nf or as command line arguments to make(1), but in make's environment.Cxxflags is initially set to the value of cflags.NO _ cleandir ( bool ) Set this to run make clean' instead of make cleandir'.For instance, setting.Sendmail _ start _ script ( str ) The script used by /etc/mail/Makefile to start, stop, and restart sendmail(8).Sendmail _ ldflags ( str ) Flags to pass to the ld(1) command when building sendmail(8).NO _ modules ( bool ) Set to not build modules with the kernel.Sendmail _ cflags ( str ) Flags to pass to the compile command when building sendmail(8).Always _ check _ make ( bool ) Instructs the top-level makefile in the source tree (normally /usr/src ) to always check if make(1) is up-to- date.Modules _ with _ world ( bool ) Set to build modules with the system instead of the kernel.