3 Take some plastic wrap or a large sandwich bag or some sticky back plastic which you can purchase from your local craft store and cut it to the exact same dimensions as your paper.
This removes permanent marker stains with only a few wipes.
Tips Melamine will tend to leave ghost images of mango outlet kortingscode your dry erase marks.
For tough stains, rub a few drops of isopropyl alcohol around with your finger on the old marks.Then, use a can of spray paint to paint the material white and apply a second coat of white paint after the first coat has dried.Finally, after the lacquer has dried, install some metal or plastic trim around the edges and add a ledge for markers, if you want.If you're going to use the board for the same thing every day, you may want to split the board into subsections as needed.Wipe the board clean with a dry paper towel.Pour your mixed can of paint into a tray. .Did this gift for 2 overnachten article help you?Rub the paste into the old marks on the board.Any brand will work.I wanted something even more rudimentary than a paper and pencil.
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Or use Method 3 and attach it to a surface that allows magnetism (the thickness of the material that is in between the magnet and the magnetic surface can weaken the strength of what the magnet holds).
Carefully roll on the Dry Erase mixture making sure you cover every inch of the area you intend to use as a Dry Erase board.
Method 3 Cleaning with Kitchen and Garage Products 1 Use vinegar and water.
Pour some peroxide directly on the old marks.Things like what software I need to update, what topics Im going to write about that sort of thing.You don't have to do this if you used sticky back plastic.Just pour a little bit on a damp sponge, then scrub it over the dry erase board.Generally speaking, you're looking for something durable that's thin, durable, rectangular, and perfectly smooth.When your white base coat is dry, apply a clear outer performance coating.Dispose of the paper towels responsibly.If you dont have rubbing alcohol, draw over the old stains with a new, dark colored dry erase marker, and erase as you normally would.You might need to repeat this several times.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Don't forget that a dry erase board is only any good if you can hang it on the wall!Because of this, it will be somewhat bendable or flexible.