make a girlfriend

If you meet a nice girl who seems interested in you, try to follow through with this.
Don't use canned material, nuclear attraction routines, or other social robotics.If you feel like you're always stretching to keep a text conversation going or she always replies with short answers such as "great." "okay." "yeah." etc., you can assume that she's probably not interested.Girls like genuine people, not ones that have their words scripted off the internet.Should it be done in private or an open place?If you've done the above correctly, she's probably already interested, so now you just need to seal the deal.Gradually start making more contact.If you are not having fun while talking to a girl or while looking for her, you are probably taking it too seriously.Be subtle at first.Each relationship evolves differently.
Say "let me help you with that" and carry it for her.
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Making good friends with women will help you practice holding conversations with them, as well as learning how women feel and think in general.
It could be her, or it could be someone else in the room.Community Q A Search Question A girl rejected me but later gave me an amazing smile.While cockiness is never a good thing, knowing that you've got good qualities will make you much better at marketing yourself.Girls love people who have a good sense of humor, and the key to having a good sense of humor is to be lighthearted, and unabashedly yourself.Not needy or desperate and allows you to end the conversation on a positive note.Look someone in the eye while they're talking, but also be sure to pull your gaze away periodically and shift your interest to other things.You can do this in a big, creative way or simply ask her in person.Don't change your Facebook relationship status or refer to her as your girlfriend until she responds!