make a hula hoop

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Finished size is approximately 13 inches tall.
The shape and size of out solid wood top is based on an 18th century engraving.We have two different sizes of the Game of Graces.Note: These are hand made custom items and delivery time varies, Call for lead times.The stake or "hob" measures 3 inches by 3 inches by 3 inches and comes with two 2-3/4 inch diameter wooden rings and the game rules for traditional Quoits by Historical Folk Toys.This kit is also a nice boek bonbons maken project for colonial museum workshops, Girl Scout groups, elementary school classrooms, or for a parent-child activity.Dana had two large hoops in her ears.These items are Made in USA Table Top Nine Pins Tabletop (CF) Ninepins Game Tabletop (HFT) Ninepins Game Toy Tabletop (HFT) Ninepins Game Tabletop Ninepins Check, by clicking, the box for each item and size wanted.Item Last Updated: Thursday, 31-Jan-2019 21:49:58 EST.The National Quoits Association was formed in 1986.Wham-O was also the company that brought us the Frisbee.Size varies due to the length of the cornhusks.

The next time you play pick-up sticks, you will know that you are having fun just as children in ancient times did.
Hand carved and just the right size for mantel, desk, or pedestal.
The Hula Hoop was introduced in 1958 and made the two men very rich indeed.